Our name Soap Villa deriving from intention to make a natural and chemical-free soap for everyone at home and this becomes our way to make soap since then. We are selecting high quality raw material in our recipes to ensure delivery of good quality products like you are one of our family. We are also highly concern the environmental effect in every step of our soap making process.   
Our soaps are made from cold-process with natural ingredients. Your skin can absorb around 60% of what is applied directly to your blood- stream. Likes we said, our soaps are 
?Friend of your skin, Friend of nature?.Our natural soap has rice bran oil as its main component in the recipe containing rich natural vitamin E, providing high moisturizing properties. We, moreover,selected coconut oil to enhance its lathering and moisturizing. Herbs, essential oils and extracts are added to maximize the function that benefit your skin type.  

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